Operating Companies

Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies

Pas Reform is an international company that offers innovative total solutions for the hatchery industries. Since its founding in 1919 the company has expanded into one of the world’s largest hatchery systems suppliers. Pas Reform offers the following products: industrial incubators for the production of uniform, robust day-old chicks, hatcherey automation systems for efficient processing of hatchery eggs and day-old chicks, climate control equipment for sustainable and hygienic air and water treatment.


Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies

LAN Handling Technologies

Lan Handling Technologies is specialised in the design, construction, assembly and installation of handling systems. Originating from a merger between former LAN Handling Systems in Tilburg and Abar Automation in Halfweg, Lan Handling Technologies offers customized, turnkey solutions based on standardised concepts. The focus is on food, pharmaceutical and hatchery industries worldwide.

LAN Handling Systems was founded in 1970 and became a specialist in the handling of packaged products in sterilisation processes and the automation of hatchery farms. Abar Automation, widely recognized for its robust and reliable end of line automation solutions for the food industry was founded in 1998.


LAN Handling Systems


Rollepaal is an internationally-active group of three specialist companies – Rollepaal, Ramix and Romit – that operate in different markets but also often work together. Clients around the world are supplied cost-saving solutions from the offices in the Netherlands, the United States and India. The Group also has a global network of agents who provide reliable and dedicated service.



Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies

Helvoet – founded 1939 – is a global supplier of high precision plastic and rubber components and assemblies. Specializing in engineered resins and compounds, complex assemblies, and micron level details, Helvoet enjoys strategic relationships with several Fortune 50 Companies from different markets (Automotive, Food Tech, Health Tech, Industrial Control). A unique combination of material competences in thermoplastics, thermosets, rubber and LSR opens up countless opportunities for technical solutions under one roof. Highest quality standards and continuous improvement are some of the factors helping Helvoet to stay on top and to be a reliable and innovative partner for its customers – not only as a molder but also as engineering partner for complex projects like metal substitution.




Timmerije is an ISO/TS 16949 certificated full-service manufacturer of technologically complex plastic injection moulded components. Timmerije’s manufacturing capabilities are centered around its fifty injection-molding machines, with pressures varying from 25 to 1,400 tons, as well as state of the art 2K injection moulding, gas injection, insert moulding and in-mould decoration techniques.